Nebosh command Words

NEBOSH Command Words – (Part 2)

Nebosh Command Word (IDENTIFY)

Many students studying NEBOSH Certificate qualifications get confused with the NEBOSH
“Command Words” in Certificate exam questions.

Frequently, students will ask questions such as:

  • “What is a command word?”
  • “What do they mean?”
  • “How much detail do I need in my answer to get good marks for these command words?”
  • “Have I written enough to answer the question correctly?


NEBOSH have produced a comprehensive guidance document explaining what Command Words are and how questions should be answered for each type of Command Word. This guidance can be found at the NEBOSH web page – select the PDF document from the list on the right of the NEBOSH web page called Guidance on command words -certificate. The guidance is available in 6 languages in addition to English. -