How to Pass Nebosh IGC Exam copy

How to Choose Best Institute for NEBOSH in Pakistan?

How to pass Nebosh in first attempt

Key your eye on prize.

Yes! Passing Nebosh is not an easy task. You should give your 100% to Nebosh while taking training and after training all effort shifted towards exam. Solve maximum past paper and other question given to you by your course provider

How to Pass Nebosh IGC Exam

Know what you’re getting yourself in to!

The International General Certificate is divided into 3 units, the first two of which, GC1 and GC2 are assessed by written exam. In order to maximize your point earning potential you need to understand how scores are generated.


  • Each exam lasts two hours
  • Each consists of 10 short answer questions and 1 long answer question
  • The short answer questions are each worth 8 marks, and the long answer question is worth 20 marks
  • Time wise, this means that you should give yourself 8-10 minutes for the short answer questions and 20 minutes for the long answer question. Our delegates tell us they find it useful to take their own watch into the exam, and have it visible on their desk, it helps them keep to time
  • All questions are compulsory


Understanding the concepts rather than to memorize them.

It’s more important to understand the concepts rather than to memorize, because safety is not a bundle of books, or else the number of pages, safety is simply an application of common sense with the technical inputs

So memorization won’t help you more.

Attend revision tests

Most of the institutes offer their test systems for the preparation of final exams. One should attend these tests regularly. Feedback on these tests are can be very helpful for you. These tests will also give you confidence for final exams.

Always be-prepare:

  • Always be prepared for your exams. ’Victory always loves preparation’.
  • Revise the chapters often, which you feel tough
  • Keep yourself like a warrior, and prepare until you appear in the exam hall.

Understand the keywords in Nebosh exam.

Nebosh sets a number of keywords in the exam technique, to assess the candidate’s level of understanding and to conduct the quality of examination too. This is very important that, one should understand the usage of these key words score high marks in exams. Some of the most important key words are given below.

Define: provide a generally acceptable definition

Describe: give a detailed word picture

Explain: give a clear account of, or reasons for

Identify: selected and name

Outline: give the most important features (less depth than either “describe or explain”

You should know what examiner wants from your side.

  • Be patient and read the question first, underline the important terms of question and plan accordingly
  • Don’t give answer, what you feel could be right
  • Give an appropriate answer to exam that he/she wants from you

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